Q - What happens at a pet photoshoot?
A - We'll head out to a pre-discussed location which we'll decide upon after discussing what you're hoping for (Do you want natural, foresty-type backgrounds? Or maybe a more urban location, with awesome graffiti in the background?) We'll then spend some time talking about what makes your dog special and letting your dog get comfortable and used to his/her surroundings and also me and my camera. 
We will then alternate between general posed type portraits and some fast paced action shots - if your dog knows any tricks we'll try to capture them, and/or any unique expressions that make them so special.
I also always try to get some close up shots of things like their nose, paws, tail etc as it adds a beautiful extra touch in products like our Deluxe Albums!

Q - My dog can't be trusted off lead, can we still have his photo taken?
A - Absolutely! You may not have guessed it, but 90% of the photos in my portfolio were taken with leads on! The leads are then removed in post-production after the session!

Q - My dog is the worst behaved dog in the world! Will this be an issue?
A - No issue at all! Again, 90% of the dogs I photograph are far from 'perfect' dogs. We still somehow manage to get some amazing photos!

Q - My dog is old and not very active, will you still be able to get enough photos to make it worthwhile?
A - Definitely! We will take our time letting them get comfortable, get some general posed shots, and lots of relaxed ones which can be near impossible with a younger dog! Every dog no matter their age offers their own individual personality just waiting to be captured!

Q - What should I do to prepare my pet?
A - You should take your dog for a walk and make sure they've been fed before their photoshoot so as to make sure they're as settled as possible when it comes time for them to sit and pose. You can give them a bath either the day before or earlier in the day of the shoot (but please not just before the shoot as baths often stress dogs out!) if you feel that they would look better all sparkly clean! 

Q - Do you photograph pets other than dogs?
A - We sure do! I'm happy to photograph anything from a cat to a parrot to a snake to a horse to a pig or anything in between! If you'd like more information on having a photoshoot with your 'other' pet shoot me an email and we can go over the details.

Q - Can I have more than 1 dog in my photoshoot?
A - Definitely! Up to 4 pets from the one household can be included at a cost of $25 each.

Q - Can I and/or my family be included in the photoshoot?
A - Yes you can! There's nothing sweeter than seeing a pet interact with their people and being able to capture it, knowing that those precious memories will last forever! Just let me know when you book your shoot how many people you're wanting to include!

Q - How many photos should I expect you to take?
A - I take a LOT of photos at each photoshoot, however I only make the absolute best ones available for you to purchase. Our aim is to have an absolute minimum of 20 unique professionally edited photos to show you at the viewing session, however there will often be a lot more than that!

Q - What time of day is best for a photoshoot?
A - Sunrise and sunset are generally the best times, and are generally called the 'Golden Hours' by photographers due to the beautiful golden light available at those times of day. However, I do understand that it isn't always so easy to be available at those times (especially sunrise - I am NOT a morning person!) Basically anytime other than between 11-1 (when the sun is highest in the sky) is just fine. If you do want a 'golden hour' session it does have to be on a weekend as my children don't make the best assistants! 

Q - What if it's raining on the day of our shoot?
A - Generally I would prefer it to be a beautiful sunny day for our photoshoot but of course Mother Nature isn't always so kind! If it is drizzly on and off we will go ahead with your photoshoot and see what we can do - if it turns out to not be working we will reshoot another day at no extra cost.
If it is completely pouring down though we will have to reschedule to a more suitable day. Sometimes (specifically during winter) this does mean we may have to reschedule a couple of times but I promise we will get there eventually!

Q - My dog is elderly/unwell and doesn't have much time left, can you fit him/her into your schedule quickly?
A - I'm really sorry to hear that, but the answer is definitely yes. Elderly/ill pets will always be a priority and I will do my best to fit you in straight away.

Q - How do we pick a location for our photoshoot?
A - I have a list of locations I have already scouted and given my tick of approval as suitable. After you have booked your session I'll email you the list and you can choose the location you think would work best, or you can leave it up to me if you prefer!

Q - Can we have the photoshoot at our house?
A - I'm a natural light photographer and therefore I do prefer to shoot outside. If your yard is beautifully picturesque then no problems at all! However most of us don't have an amazing backyard and generally it wouldn't be the most suitable location for great photos. Often for elderly or very young dogs this is the only suitable choice though and that's completely okay, we will do what we can to still produce the best possible photos of your furbaby.
For small pets such as cats/rabbits/birds etc inside is the only choice and we will make this work as long as there is somewhere in your home that is uncluttered with lots of natural light from windows.

Q - How do we get our photos after the shoot?
A - Around 7 days after the shoot I'll send you a link to an online gallery for you to choose your favourite images and decide which ones you'd like to purchase. We'll then meet up at a pre-discussed location to go over our products and to place your order!
Also make sure to remember to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a sneak peek while you're waiting for your online gallery to become available!

Q - What happens if we don't like our photos?
A - If you're not happy, then I'm not happy! All of my work comes with a happiness guarantee, if for any reason at all you don't like your photos you will receive a complimentary re-shoot.

Q - How do we book our photoshoot?
A - Easy! Click the button below and you'll be sent to our contact page! Make sure you tell me a bit about yourself and your pet - and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts direct to your inbox!