How It Works


Book Your Session

Once you’ve had a look through our portfolio and had a read of our pricing info, contact us to check our availability and book your session.
I prefer weekend sessions, however I am available on some weekdays. Early morning or late afternoon are ideal due to the light being softer, while the hours around midday are best avoided.

Once we’ve agreed on a date, I’ll send you a few things including:

  • our location guide to help you choose the perfect spot for your photoshoot 
  • a link to a questionnaire where you can tell me a bit more about yourself and your fur-family
  • our session agreement for you to sign.

The Session Itself

At first we’ll spend some time letting your pet get to know me and my camera, which will generally include lots of playing and running around; or for quieter, nervous dogs, some talking and pretending they aren’t there until they get used to me.

We will generally then follow the dogs lead with the aim of capturing their true personality - if you’re hoping for some specific poses please be sure to let me know so that we can make sure we capture them!

Dogs have the amazing ability of picking up on the emotions of the people around them (especially their own humans!) so as long as we’re calm and remember to just enjoy the journey, everything will go great and we’ll capture some amazing photographs for you to treasure!


Studio Photo Frame Mockup - gandalf.jpg

After Your Session

After your session I’ll head home and start editing the best photos of the day – keep an eye out on Facebook and our Blog for a Sneak Peek or two!

Within 2 weeks, I’ll send you a link to an online gallery where all the final edited images will be available for you to choose your favourites! Once you’ve decided which images you’d like to purchase, shoot me an email letting me know which products you’d like to order (or which digitals you’d like to download if you purchased one of our packages) and we’ll go from there!

We love hearing how our clients found their pet photography experience! After you’ve received your images we’d love it if you could let us know what you thought - whether it was good or bad, we’d love to hear your feedback.
Every positive review receives a $10 credit, and for every friend you refer to us you’ll receive a $50 voucher to put towards a future session!