Pet Photography Project 52 - #4 Different Perspective

So this weeks theme in Project 52 is 'Different Perspective' - generally meaning a photo from a different angle than we'd normally use. Most of the things I read about different perspective when researching this theme suggested to 'get down onto the ground' or 'get higher than the subject'. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but 90% of my photos are taken with me laying on the ground, with the other 10% being from above the dog. It's extremely rare for me to take a photo looking straight ahead at my subject while standing - although I did consider doing exactly that, just for the sake of it being 'different'!

Instead, I decided to try and get even lower, elevating Chester and coming from below instead of from his level. He's not overly tall, and I don't have any overly wide-angle lenses, so this was a little challenging all in itself, to be able to be obviously below him!
Eventually I settled on trying a shot with him standing on our verandah at the top of the stairs, with me down the bottom. That didn't work overly well so we headed over to a retainer wall in our garden, which also didn't have the effect I was really looking for!

So, after all this of this I was ready to give up - until I went through all the photos and realised I had plenty of shots that showed a completely different perspective than you're used to seeing, Chester's perspective! Sometimes he's an amazing model, other times he's just obviously not in the mood - but I'll let him tell you the story ;-)

School holidays are over next week and business will be back to normal with other pets to photograph which means hopefully a new model for week 5 of Project 52, which I know Chester will be grateful for haha!
We hope you've enjoyed these images a lot more than Chester did!

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