Kenzi the Golden Retriever


Last week I got to meet the gorgeous Kenzi and her humans, Leanne and Ben - what a great little family! 


When I asked Leanne to describe Kenzi, this is what she had to say.... 

Kenzi is a special puppy who wraps everyone she meets around her paw. She loves going for a walk, playing with other dogs and her food but her most favourite thing in the world is pats! Pats, pats and more pats! No amount of cuddling is too much for her.
Kenzi overcame quite a few health challenges in the first 2 years of her life but through it all her tail never stopped wagging and now she is a healthy, fit, cheeky, happy girl.
The best part of my day is the welcome I receive when I get home. There is nothing that can cheer me up quicker than her wagging tail and wiggly butt. She has a beautiful soul and a gentle calming nature and I feel so blessed and proud to be her human mum. 

Kenzi was easily one of the best behaved dogs I've had the pleasure of photographing, she was such a lady! I hope her humans love the photos we captured as much as I do!


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