National Farm Animal Day - Pet Photography in the Yarra Valley

It’s April 10th – and you know what that means!!

Oh wait, you don’t? Well I didn’t either until earlier on today so that’s okay!

Apparently it is National Farm Animal Day, and I LOVE that they have their own day, so thought I’d share with you and hopefully make more people aware of this amazing day :)

I did some Googling to try and find the ‘reason’ for this day (as if farm animals being awesome isn’t enough of a reason!), and discovered this awesome blog post by One Green Planet which lists 7 great things to do to celebrate National Farm Animal day – make sure you check it out! One Green Planet – 7 Wonderful Ways You Can Help Farm Animals on National Farm Animal Day

(all photos above were taken by me – the sheep and chickens are our pets, and the cows are from the dairy farm we used to live on)