Cover Design

Barbara Gaskell Denvil, is the historical fiction author of Satin Cinnabar, Sumerford’s Autumn and Blessop’s Wife – and she just happens to be one of my favourite Authors which made this new venture all the more exciting!

I’ve spent the last few months helping Barbara design some of her book covers ready for re-publication (which happened yesterday!)

This was something I had never done before so it was all a bit scary, but thanks to Barbara who knew exactly what she wanted, it was all relatively pain free ;) She had very firm ideas, and it only took a small amount of tweaking to reach perfection.

Barbara wanted to keep the same theme across all covers, with a different ‘feature’ on each. Sumerford’s Autumn was the first we did, and deciding on autumn leaves as the feature was nice and simple – getting those leaves on the cover? Not so much! Designing these covers definitely tested my photoshop skills, but I’m happy to say I learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to using this new found knowledge in the future.

Blessop’s Wife, which just happens to be not only my favourite cover, but also my favourite book of the 3, was much simpler. We already had the base to work with but needed to add a raven as the feature – which of course for me, the crazy bird lady, was lots of fun!


Satin Cinnabar – although I’ve read the book and loved it, and am a fan of Historical Fiction in general, I don’t actually know too much about history haha… When Barbara requested York and Tudor roses I have to admit I had no idea what she was talking about! After some searching I found what she was looking for and did my best to make them look great. For some reason though something just wasn’t ‘right’. Both the Tudor and York roses are originally illustrations, not real roses – and since Barbara is such a big fan of Richard the III, we decided it would be more iconic to use ‘real’ roses to represent the York family (‘cause you know, Richard the III was the ‘real’ and lawful king). Once we made that small change everything else just fell in to place…


I’m about to start working on Barbara’s next 3 covers – books that have never been previously released, so I’m quite excited! One of them also happens to be something completely different to her usual stuff – a YA fantasy trilogy called Stars and a Wind. You should all be very jealous – I’ve already had the pleasure of reading it and I can tell you it is AMAZING! I’ll do my best to get the cover ready as soon as possible so that you can see for yourself what I’m talking about!

If you’d like more information on Barbara Gaskell Denvil and her books, you can find her here: