1 Year with Animal Aid

1 year ago today I had my first day volunteering at Animal Aid, and what a year it's been!

I was originally asked if I could come in every couple of weeks and mainly focus on the cats who were most in need of new photos, but within a month I was visiting every week and photographing everything! Cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs - even a goat! I eventually also started photographing some of their events and the boarding, grooming and veterinary teams for brochures and such.

I haven't photographed every animal who has walked through Animal Aid's doors over the past 12 months or even most of them, but all up I have photographed at least 514 of their welfare animals! That's 331 cats, 151 dogs, 31 pocket pets and 1 goat!

Some have stuck in my memory more than others, I still remember the first dog and the first cat I met there (Bonnie and Knox!), and there have been more than a few who I would have quite happily brought home with me! Some with heartbreaking stories, some who simply stole my heart, and some who were just a pet photographers dream!

The work that Animal Aid do is simply amazing, and I'm very proud to be a part of such an invaluable organisation!

If you'd like to know more abut Animal Aid and the work they do you can check out their website here.

Or if you'd like to book your own pet photography session, contact us today!