Everyone thinks they have the best dog.
And none of them are wrong.

-W.R Purche


I’m Emma, a crazy animal lady specializing in capturing your best friend’s true personality in a natural, playful and soulful way.

Photographing the bond between pets and their people, as well as each pet’s unique and special personality is what I do best. Using natural light in beautiful locations all over the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas, I will capture amazing photographs of your best friend and help you preserve their memories for years to come.

Outside of business, I’m a Mum of 3 human kids and 2 dogs, Chester and Lucy. I have a Diploma in Professional Photography and a lifetime of experience with animals of all sorts. I’m also deeply passionate about animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and photographing the amazing birds and other wildlife we have here in the Yarra Ranges.

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